Typography and Its Terms


Typography a visual composition of the written element placed on a surface in a certain manner. It is a real art to put the types together to make the communication more effective and aesthetic. In modern day design it is far more of an importance than that of just discussing it as a term used in designing. Today the world of design is highly dependent on type faces and their readable appearances make the design more effective and eye catching. To dive into this world of design we should know the basic terminologies occupying the importance in this certain domain of design.

Here are the very basic types faces we deal with in the industry.

Type faces in typography:

Here are the basic font faces we have in this domain.

Serif Types:

Types with little edges at the end of individual characters are serif types like Times New Roman, Georgia.

Sans Serif Types:

Types with no edges at the end of the characters are sans serif. like helvatica, Arial and many more

Script Types:

These type faces have unique look and are clearly described by the name.

Decorative Types:

Decorative fonts have ornaments elements in it as it is clear from its name.

script_font_decorative_font_serif_font typography


After getting familiar with the basic types we move to the basic terms in typography. Every designers or any other individual who is concerned with the art of lettering should know these basic terms . To make the mock ups more aesthetic and value designers have to master these terms and techniques. Here are some of these:


The space between lines from baseline to baseline is leading.


Is the uniform amount of spacing between the letters throughout the block or section of text(paragraphs,sentences).


Is the space between the individual letters.


The line where the type actually sits on. Simply where the lowercase letters end  without their ascenders and descenders.


The height of lower case letters without ascenders and descenders.


Which means they descend below the baseline


Combining two or more letters to increase readability is called ligature.



Every one of us who is interested or involved to play with letters should take this very seriously, because now this is not the time where we only focus on images for the better look and feel of our websites. But today we have to communicate through letter either these are in the main above the folds or they are in CTA, we have to gain a certain command over it to be in the run for the modern design industry. Typography will surely be taken as a major design element in the very upcoming 2016.


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