How to boost your creativity


Those with the ability to “think outside of the box” will lead the future and make special things happen.

Creativity is a process whereby something new and pleasant is formed. The created outcome may be physical like a scientific invention or intangible like any idea, theory or simple a joke by someone. But one thing is clear creativity is based on something new to happen that was not there before while living in the current paradigm. Let we take it more practically, if a person living with you, either a family member or a colleague, suddenly utters a phrase that is totally new but was very pleasant and even that was unique so we can say it as creativity. Similarly a person working in a lab from the last several months designs something very new and valuable that is also creativity. So creativity doesn’t relate itself to a particular field but it totally moves round the surrounding within which any particular person can perform any creative thing. The creativity is in everyplace varying from laughter through a creative joke or an invention of a new instrument in any industry but question is can you boost your creativity.

Now question arise whether a joke from a colleague or an invention from a person is just only happening because both of the characters mentioned above has something in their gene that make them to do this or they improvised it through any mean. Form the decade of research it is now worth to trust on that creativity could be innate but could be nurture through education training or environment.We never know when anything amazing might happen

Things to consider, to boost your creativity:

It is pretty hard to stay creative but there are things to get a creative boost.

Dress up Well

Look sharp and elegant, be Sharp: how the Clothes you wear change what people hear you say.

We often we get attracted to and hear the people who are dressed up in a nice manner. Many of the time I feel as I walked away from the bus or in the crowd, I realized in an instant why I listened to one guy and not the other. There I felt that the first thing that forces you to hear or give the attention to people near to you is the way they present themselves in front of you. Better dressing produce self-discipline and self-belief. The human presentation is more likely dependent on the dressing a person wears on.dress_up_well_boost your creativity

Now what we can take out of here, what is the relation of creativity and personal presentation a person has. Things are very clear when we dress up well we feel high and we feel more confident. When the confidence level is high, we think and work in a commanding way. When we feel high we certainly go out of the box, where the creativity is all over, whether we design an illustration or designing any mock up for the website.

The Smart Creative’s Guide to Dressing for Work

Surround Yourself  with Creative People:

creative_people_boost your creativity

Anything that is learned from the environment or simply from people around you is far reaching from anything learned from other source of learning. Teaming you with creative people also gives you a chance to adopt that pattern and be the same as the others in that particular line. Many of the time we see that some ordinary people, when accompanied by someone who is well creative , can lead the joining person to get creative or start to behave like that because human learn more from the environment they are currently in.

Add Some Colors to Your Life:

Are you the one who follows the same routine week after week? I s your life boring or seems at rest or simply struck in a mean seeming no clear way out? And do you feel like you have fallen into a rut and can’t get out? Then this is the time you need to change your lifestyle.colors_in_life_boost your creativity

Simply add colors to your life. Paint your room walls with vibrant colors to get out of the dull time, dress up in a new way. Immediately change your run to choose only specific color range that you were choosing from the last several months or years, add more and more options because colors you never know can make the difference in your life. Change your work desk to add some colors in it.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone:

Comfort zone is all about the activities where you feel less anxious. Your routine activities like watching TV walking on social media or resting on bed could be considered as part of your comfort zone.out_of_comfort_zone_boost your creativity

This outside world will give you the chance to get creative through learning from people and other things in the nature. Take inspiration from the walls, green parks, people faces and dresses in the market and try to create something from that inspiration. If you are an artist or designer then you can even take your sketch book or paint buckets with you to create something by living outside.

Work when you’re tired:

Working at the time when we feel uneasy not just make us more hard working but it also increases chances of creating something unique.

tiredperson_boost your creativityThere is very short span of tiredness that comes and make us uneasy but if we are able to pass through that span , then there is a great chance we will work more and creatively after that.